Our 10 natural skin products that can treat your acne and treat your pimples Naturally

You might be interested to know why our Acne Be Gone Pack has 10 items in!  And you’d answer… you absolutely got that right The Summit Vanuatu natural skin care! We’d love to know!

Okay, if you’ll read on, hopefully you’ll know by heart! We’d really want to convince you to trust us; to invest and try our acne begone range to treat your acne naturally… because we really want to cure your acne, treat your lumps, treat your pimples, clear your skin in a most gentle, loving and natural way.  But how can we do that? How can we make you try and invest in our safe alternative natural acne treatment products like many others now and not use others out there? Perhaps our reasons below and product feedback may be able to if you’ll give us a chance to show you…

Here goes…

First off, let’s get to know  our Acne Be Gone’s key ingredients and what made them so effective as Acne Treatment 

In a few words:

  • Contains Sandalwood/Tamanu/Coconut – 3 top Acne Freedom Fighters
    All natural ingredients, no fragrances or harmful artificial chemicals
    Gentle on skin, well known to treat acne
    Contains properties that naturally kills bacteria causing acne
  • No fuss, purely botanical solutions for all the family
  • Unisex and Affordable
  • Contamination-free packaging
  • Not tested on animals, only on willing & very enthusiastic human

We believe sandalwood, tamanu and coconut are the ultimate Skin Freedom Fighters against the scourge of acne. It was just so logical to harness their combined superpowers for our special range of acne fighters that are all found here in the islands of Vanuatu.

So, why would we want you to buy and use all our 10 items in and not just pick 1 or 2 or 3? 

Because you will get the most of it and maximize your chances of clearing your skin effectively.

Why do we say that?

Because we’re assuming that you’ll wash, cleanse, tone & moisturise daily thus uses skin care products such as soap, shampoo and conditioner, skin toner and moisturiser – we thought of including all these in our pack as your alternative organic and natural skin care which will be your Must Daily Routine. Because we also assume that you really want something to treat your acne including fresh acne scars, we also include products for Repairs & Maintenance and for On Demand Use. We also include products for Emergency Use for cases when the stresses of life gets the better of you – which can happen to anyone, thus causing your acne to come back.   All our products that we mentioned, all our natural treatment for acne contains ingredients that are all well known to help eliminate face & neck acne including affected body areas. To summarise, our natural acne treatment pack is composed of products that are meant to be used in 4 different yet very important MUST use routine; to use as Daily Routine, as On Demand Use, used as Repairs & Maintenance and for Emergency Use.

We also believe that your daily skin care routine must be diligence personified, there is no one “magic” bottle cures all, it is quite simply a new way of life to use all of these products regularly in accordance with our directions, but it will be one routine you will come to love and appreciate. Use them to cure that acne in your teens, and then continue to use them forever and a day. They are just an all round common sense antidote to those harmful chemicals that strip your skin of its natural antimicrobial acid guards, and which leave your pores open and defenceless against infections and bad bacteria.

How to use our Acne Be Gone products to treat your acne effectively



A. Daily Skin Hygiene

1. Sandalwood & Tamanu Natural Soap

We believe sandalwood, tamanu and coconut are the ultimate Skin Freedom Fighters against the scourge of acne. It was just so logical to harness their combined superpowers for our special range of acne fighters.

How to Use It

Hop in the shower, wet your skin and use our Sandalwood & Tamanu Soap as your cleansing soap all over your face, neck and body.

2. Sandalwood, Tamanu & Coconut Body Foam

Foam  as required, leaving your skin with a deposit of rich, natural moisturizer. Can also be used as a shaving cream for men & women. Sandalwood Water adds fragrance along with its unique antibacterial qualities to Virgin Coconut Oil to gently cleanse and hydrate your skin without leaving a filmy residue.

How to Use It

After washing with our natural soap; foam your face & body and then wash.

B. Cleanse

3. Skin & Hair Cleansing Oil

Our skin & hair cleansing oil is an all natural moisturising treatment of cleansing, skin-loving oils which are easily absorbed into your skin, your scalp and to the ends of your hair, to open pores and remove impurities, and to help strengthen follicles.

How to Use it

On Face & Neck / Some Affected Body Parts

After shower, leave your face & neck and on body area that has acne WET; apply our cleansing oil on; grab yourself a damp clean sponge then work gently on affected areas in a circular upward motion; deeply cleansing and unclogging your skin pores whilst gently removing remaining oil as well as depositing some nourishment and natural antibacterial into your pores, leaving no room for bacteria causing acne to hide and continue to breed.

On Hair Use

You can use our Hair & Cleansing Oil before showering and leave it on for 20 minutes and then hop in the shower. Or you can also use after shower then leave on (just use small amount to avoid excess oil) all day.

C. Tone

4. Skin Hydrating Toner

An all natural gentle solution to close your pores after cleansing your skin. Its antiseptic qualities tone skin, starve acne and blemishes, stimulate new cell growth, smooth wrinkles, slow premature aging, and release facial muscles and tensions.

How to Use it

When you feel that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and nourished using our Hair & Cleansing Oil;  spray our natural hydrating toner gently directly on your face & neck, closing your eyes and on your affected body parts. You can also open the bottle and pour on cotton balls then gently rub your cotton ball with toner on your face & neck and affected body parts.

D. Nourish

5. Skin Hydrating & Calming Balm

Our exotic balm of Nature’s finest tropical essential and nut oils acts as a moisturiser and anti-oxidant that promotes skin hydration to slow down ageing and wrinkling. This skin food caresses and calms skin that is most susceptible to scarring because it is inflamed, sensitive, injured or irritated, helping your skin accelerate its own healing.

How to Use it

After closing your pores gently, apply generously on a severely affected area or apply thinly only when dealing with mild acne.



6. Sandalwood Shampoo Bar

An all natural alternative to shampoo formulated especially for hair, with none of those harsh synthetic lathering agents which draw moisture from the skin which can cause dryness and irritation. Its vegetable oils, vegetable (cocoa) butter and other pure nutrients are especially beneficial to the hair and scalp, particularly for those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, dry skin or other scalp conditions.

How to Use it

Wet your hair and then rub our shampoo bar gently on your wet hair and then rinse thoroughly. You can wash with our natural shampoo bar at least 2 to 3 x a week depending on your hair need. Can you use as body soap? Yes you can! If you read what’s in it, you’ll love to use it on your face & body too.

7. Sandalwood Hair Conditioner

Trade your dull, dry hair for shiny beautiful luscious locks with the secret weapon of tropical nangai oil to increase moisture and sheen, ably assisted by the purist astringent qualities of sandalwood water and oh so calming silky coconut oil. Nangai oil is known for its help in controlling outbreaks of psoriasis which may appear in the scalp.

How to Use it

After taking out excess water from your hair after shower and washing with our natural hair shampoo, spray generously on your hair and leave on. Our conditioner is helping others detangle hair.

8. Skin Buff Polish

The Summit’s own powdered sandalwood combined with Tanna Coffee’s green beans acts as a rare and gentle skin exfoliating agent, which teams up with honey to soothe, moisturise, deeply nourish and condition your damaged skin. Our aromatic polish is bursting with anti-oxidants to leave your skin smooth, radiant and glowing and your spirit absolutely in tune with nature.

How to Use it

Must use on a weekly routine basis – don’t rub hard on skin. You don’t want to exfoliate and use this daily or more than 3 x a week because it can cause abrasion and can dry out your skin. Once a week or twice if you really have to – is enough. Remember: Your facial skin is sensitive, let’s treat it gently.


9. Pure Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is known for providing healing and pain relief from cuts, abrasions, skin infections, burns, and insect bites. Tamanu Oil also cures acne and acne scars, psoriasis, sunburn, scabies, dry or scaly skin, blisters, eczema, and herpes sores to name a few. The handy glass 12ml bottle is a refillable roll-on bottle so do not discard once it is empty.

How to Use it

We want you to apply Tamanu Oil thinly 3 x a day – spread within the day on affected areas

salve it


10. Salve It!!

An all natural ointment handcrafted from 5 of our fabulous oils – Sandalwood, Tamanu, Petitgrain Tahitian Lime, Nangai and Virgin Coconut – for relief from the pain and irritation of skin problems caused by everyday stresses, psoriasis, acne, chafed and cracked skin, etc. Takes the itch away – instantly. Baby bottoms to grandparents’ wrinkly skin become soft and supple as a newborn skin should be.

How to Use it

You can use our Salve it at any time day in and day out when you feel that your skin is needing some moisturising.


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The natural way may not be good for everyone and for every cause of acne – some causes are genetic or hormonal and can’t be fixed by nature. Thus we are offering you 100% Money back Guarantee when & if you see no improvement in using our natural treatment for acne.