Many Feedback from Rebecca Bond’s family & friends! Australia

Hi Ladies, great to hear from you both and glad that all is well.

Comments re: the deodorant and products in general – feel free to use for website or just take as feedback

“Love the deodorant, it works well for me. Only negative is it is slightly too hard, could be a little softer” – Jill (Aunt)


“SUMMIT VANUATU, health & beauty products that help you reach your peak…naturally” Stephanie (sister)

“It’s a great deodorant…” – Katrina (friend)

“People tell me I stink a little less now. It’s good” – Matt (friend. I think he was being slightly silly)


“As others have said, it’s a great deodorant – i like the smell, it doesn’t irritate my underarms and it keeps me not stinky – but is hard to apply. I figure it’ll get easier when the weather is warmer, and having it in the shower is a good idea. I’ll sit it in the caddy when i get home tonight and see how it goes” – Debbie (Friend)


“i think i’m just finding the same thing as others with the hardness of the deodorant… i think it wouldn’t bother me that it’s hard if they had a little digging tool or something for it” – Kimmy (Best Friend) and mum was struggling a bit with the coconut oil moisturiser because of the hardness but the products themselves are beautiful

There you go, hope that helps. Also my mother Jennies feedback about the deodorant is she loves it and finds it even more effective than traditional deodorants, especially on the dreaded synthetics which usually get quite pongy.


My cousin Adrian and I both agree that we both feel that as it is not an anti-persperant that our whole body feels like it gets less hot and breathes better.


51000509[1]“what i’m finding is that because it smells so wonderful when you apply it, and is so gentle on your skin, it kind of makes cleaning your face and body more like something that i look forward to every day rather than just another activity to get through. All of the products feel and smell different so I’m always anticipating what the next soap or the next cream might be like” – Kimmy (Best friend)



i think the oil cleanser is my favourite – Kimmy – best friend